The Private Gym

Chicago's Premier Exclusive MedX Fitness Facility
 and Functional Medicine Clinic

  Please contact Dr. Frank Antonino and staff to schedule a complimentary initial consultation!
 414 North Orleans, LL Chicago, IL 60654

The Private Gym features one-on-one, customized personal training using slow protocol methods with MedX medical-grade rehab/exercise and strength training equipment. 

MedX Spinal Rehabilitation and Strength Training

We invite you to experience our elite “members only” exercise environment and embrace the opportunity to improve your health and fitness, boost energy, and achieve the results you desire.

NEW to The Private Gym

Healing Hands MedSpa

Featuring Massage Therapy Services ,
Acupuncture, and Spinal Rehabilitation

Laura D'Souza,
Licensed Massage Therapist

Dr. Melvin D'Souza, D.C.,
Certified in Acupuncture and Spinal Rehabilitation

Meet Our Trainers

The Private Gym personal trainers are Slow Protocol Certified Personal Trainers, skilled MedX specialists, and motivated coaches - fully prepared to assist clients in achieving maximum fitness.

John Barbaro
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Private Gym Slow Protocol (PGSP)

Chris O'Brien

International Sports Science Association (ISSA CFT)

Private Gym Slow Protocol (PGSP)

 Mike Wozniak
Certified MedX Personal Trainer











































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