The Private Gym


Why Slow Strength Training?

        While there are many methods to achieve fitness goals, slow strength training is an essential component to any comprehensive fitness regimen. Each Private Gym Slow Protocol Session involves surpassing personal limits (physical, mental, and emotional). Every second spent beyond your "comfort zone" is considered PURE exercise and translates into real results.

        PGSP Slow Strength Training uses a slow speed (8-10 seconds) for both the lifting portion and lowering portion of the movement. This requires the participant to utilize the strength of their muscles (not momentum) to move the weights. The settings on each MedX medical rehab/strength training machine are customized for each client by the PGSP Trainer. PGSP emphasizes proper form and breathing techniques - deliberately slow movement, proper machine setup, and form ensure the safety of every session.

How can one or two half-hour sessions produce results?
        The aim of any resistance training program is to produce results by successfully stimulating the growth mechanism in the muscle. This is only accomplished when physical boundaries are pushed beyond current "comfort zones". A fight-or-flight response is initiated when the stress stimulus is encountered. "Fighting" through pain and burn just a few seconds beyond what your body can handle comfortably sends a message to the muscles to retreat into a basic survival state of regrowth/rebuilding, starting at the cellular level.
        When you fight through growth threshold to True Muscular Exhaustion, adequate rest is mandatory for the muscle to repair, rebuild, and grow. The fruits of labor (increase in strength) happen AFTER the session as a result of the stimulation of the growth mechanism. Interruption of this growth period will stunt the growth of muscle and inhibit results significantly.

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